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Infrastructure & Mobility

Sale & Deployment of information systems equipment

CEREALOG resells and installs information systems equipment by various partner brands.



Server virtualization enables multiple operating systems and multiple applications to run on a single server.


  • Hardware consolidation for significantly increased productivity but with fewer servers.
  • Optimization of equipment costs.
  • Easier and faster information system management and maintenance and deployment of new applications.

CEREALOG enables both VMWARE and MICROSOFT Hyper V virtual environments.


Desktop virtualization separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device with its “virtual” display.


  • Provide users with access anytime and anywhere to data and applications.
  • Easily secure data and machines regardless of location.
  • Ensure business continuity and data protection in the event of a disaster or any other interruption.
  • Ensure compliance of all desktops with in-house and regulatory requirements.
  • Reduce ongoing operating costs.

CEREALOG is a partner of the software company Citrix.


Systems and Networks

CEREALOG has the necessary technical resources to support you in development of your computer network. Our solutions are based on stable and proven technologies.

We operate in the following areas:

  • Deployment of server architecture;
  • Messaging;
  • Storage solutions;

Disaster Recovery Plan

puceFlecheAnticipate to ensure business continuity in all circumstances.

How would an interruption in your information systems impact on your business?

All enterprises ask themselves this question or should do so. In response CEREALOG has developed disaster recovery solutions suitable for SMEs and SMIs.
The DRP gets your business back up and running after a disaster.
The DRP restores a backbone information system within a relatively short time to meet the enterprise’s business needs.



CEREALOG offers hosting on dedicated servers specific to your enterprise:

– your information system,

– your business software applications,

– your website.

Your data is hosted in proximity to your enterprise in accordance with French law.

CEREALOG has a dedicated area in the COGENT Data Center in Bordeaux.
COGENT is one of the world’s largest Tier 1 Internet service providers ranked in the top 5.

datacenter CEREALOG LA ROCHELLE BORDEAUX Cogent serveurs hebergés

CEREALOG hosting benefits:

  • Comprehensive management of your IS: includes setting up of outsourcing and assistance contract. Our CEREALOG hotline dedicated to SMEs meets your day to day needs.
  • Availability of your IS: permanent access to your stored enterprise data and mobile data.
  • Controlled costs: no major capital expenditure, an adjustable monthly subscription.
  • The security of our data center: access control – video surveillance – fire detection/extinction systems.
  • Leading edge equipment and updated software licenses.