French and International markets

CEREALOG, founded in 1996, has skillfully expanded by building relationships with major French and international market players in a variety of sectors.


  1. Services
  2. Distribution
  3. Industries
  4. Ship and boat industries
  5. Food and beverage processing
  6. Agricultural cooperatives
  7. Food and beverage processing
  8. State-owned entities




    "Pier Import still has a lot of business potential ahead of it and with the power of SAP Business ByDesign and the skills of CEREALOG, we are confident that we can manage our future growth."

    Cédric Favre d'Echallens, CEO, Pier Import

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  • logo client libaud


    "My technical or commercial contact is easily reachable and responsive. I have confidence in the team. The projects implemented have gone well."

    Xavier Favreau, IT Manager, Groupe Libaud

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  • metanext


    "In addition to accounting, the solution had to be able to offer project profitability measurement and financial management integrated with project management. We chose to use a SaaS-based solution so that we wouldn't have to manage hardware infrastructure that our 50-person SME couldn't afford."

    Tristan Monroe, co-founder and president, Métanext

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  • logo hachette education


    "The solution we have implemented now saves us a considerable amount of time. Interfaced with the websites of our publishing clients and their accounting software, the ERP is 100% integrated with our business processes."

    Guillaume Plantrou, Director, Hachette LPC

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  • témoignage GVG Grands Vins de Gironde


    "I can go on holiday with peace of mind, if there is a problem internally, I call CEREALOG and I know that they will do everything possible to find a solution. I am dealing with "Men", whom I know well and who are always available : it is very reassuring !"

    Thibault Daunas, Management Controller & IT Manager

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  • logo alstom


    "We have saved 35% of the time needed to make a modification. It used to take 245 days, but now it takes 160 days. The objective is to reduce by half, i.e. 120 days. The SITMOD software created by CEREALOG has simplified the process of managing modifications so that the actors concerned can refocus on their job."

    Sébastien Moreau, Modification Manager, ALSTOM

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  • Logo ONXEO


    "I think that for a project such as this one, the editor/integrator duo is decisive, the key to success. And we understood immediately that the strong synergy between CEREALOG and SAP would help us make good progress with the implementation."

    Nicolas Fellmann, Chief Financial Officer, ONXEO

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  • Aquarium La Rochelle Logo


    "CEREALOG advises us intelligently. There is a real continuity in relation to our requests. They go to the end of the thought process. It is an indispensable partnership !"

    Ambre Bénier, General Manager, Aquarium La Rochelle

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