Cloud ERP : Why choose a Cloud solution for your SME ?

Cloud ERP : Why choose a Cloud solution for your SME ?

With an average growth of more than 15% per year in France according to a 2017 IDC study, more and more ERP software is running on a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud system. According to CITO Research for Commvault, no less than 93% of companies now use the cloud to manage their operations. Choosing a Cloud solution for a growing SME is therefore a choice for progress and the entry into an unavoidable phase of its development. Discover the many reasons why so many small and medium-sized businesses are making the move to Cloud ERP.

SME Cloud Solution

What is Cloud ERP ?

Before looking at the benefits of a Cloud solution for SMEs, it is useful to define the term Cloud. Software that works on the principle of Cloud Computing is based on a storage medium and access to data via the Internet, and not on a hard disk. When business solutions are provided via a cloud, it allows users to focus on the benefits of ERP without the technical constraints. The software and data are stored on a secure external server, which can be accessed from any workstation that has access rights.

Reactivity and agility : two advantages of an ERP for SMEs thanks to the Cloud

The particularity of an SME is a strong ambition and a wide range of businesses. Thanks to the Cloud, ERP benefits from greater responsiveness, which allows companies to access reporting statistics at any time, in real time, and to benefit from a permanently updated forecast. This makes it easier to make decisions and ensures that they are as close as possible to the economic reality. Faster and more agile than a traditional ERP, a cloud-based ERP for SMEs is also useful in the case of management between various companies, employees or agencies spread throughout the country. The accessibility and continuous updates allow for synchronised data updating for more efficient work without wasting time between all the SME’s players.

The simplicity and mobility of a Cloud solution for SMEs

Small and medium-sized companies are looking for an ergonomic tool that is easy to learn and use, to speed up the integration and deployment process. An ERP for SMEs with Cloud works without infrastructure, and therefore without constraints. Automated backups and a simplified configuration system allow users to get rid of complex software in favour of a lightweight solution that is closer to the immediate needs of their business. The project managers of our integration company CEREALOG accompany the internal teams in their learning process and ensure a reliable support in all circumstances on the field. The SaaS mode allows a real autonomy of the tool : if necessary, it is possible to disconnect the entity without risk for the data.

By opting for a Cloud solution, SMEs also rely on native web technologies that can be easily accessed from a mobile or tablet. These applications allow users to be truly mobile, which is a real advantage for the salespeople and managers of SMEs who have to travel regularly. Cloud support increases users’ possibilities tenfold thanks to access to a reliable database from anywhere and under any circumstances.

Cloud : ERP has never been more secure for an SME

Preconceived ideas lead some to see the Cloud as a storage solution subject to security problems. The dematerialisation of data processing can indeed lead to the possibility of data loss at any time. Even if nothing is infallible, the reality is that an ERP for SMEs on the Cloud developed by a world-renowned publisher and installed by a conscientious integrator is much more secure than an ERP configured traditionally with physical storage without means. At SAP, chosen by CEREALOG for its high level of security and its innovative technologies, the databases are duplicated in order to ensure their protection. Choosing a Cloud datacenter as imagined by SAP, means guaranteeing maximum data protection for your SME, your customers and your employees.

The adaptability of an ERP for SMEs, thanks to the Cloud :

One of the first selection criteria for an SME to find an ERP is the flexibility and adaptability of the tool. Indeed, small and medium-sized enterprises, especially when they are starting up a company, aim to grow quickly and to evolve their business. With a Cloud solution, SMEs can develop in complete freedom without fear of reaching the limits of their IT tool. In fact, unlike a traditional ERP where each modification is slowed down by the response time of the servers and the technical constraints of development, an ERP for SMEs on the Cloud is endowed with an ultra-reactive adaptability. It is therefore entirely possible to upgrade the functionality of a Cloud ERP as the company’s needs change, without restriction. Thanks to the Cloud system, a medium-sized or small company can also go international. This type of ERP is not limited to geographical borders and thus allows you to conquer other territories. It is possible, for example, to manage the payroll of different companies around the world on a single medium.

Savings on all fronts :

By dematerialising and managing a server by an external company, the SaaS mode of an ERP allows SMEs to make significant savings in terms of resources and equipment. With a Cloud solution, SMEs, which are often limited in terms of budget, avoid investing in an internal IT department and reduce deployment costs, for greater profitability in the short term. This saving allows companies to better allocate their expenses and focus on growth. It also reduces the demand on human resources, so the benefits are felt at all levels of the SME.

So, are you convinced that a Cloud ERP is the solution to support your company’s growth ? Contact our team of SAP Business ByDesign experts for a demonstration.