[Top 5] How to fail your ERP project ?

[Top 5] How to fail your ERP project ?

The CEREALOG team has produced a series of video chats. Our top 5 of what not to do when integrating an ERP !

Trust us, with almost 25 years of experience, we know the pitfalls to avoid ! We have already fallen into them 🤫 But we won’t make the mistake twice !

And you have been warned ! 👇


Mistake n°5 : Over-projecting

Would you be prepared to manage your wedding, a move and a change of job in one summer ? Well, when you are about to integrate a new ERP, it’s a bit like that…

Be completely dedicated to this strategic project. Don’t spread yourself too thin. The success of your integration is at stake !


Mistake n°4 : Thinking that we use the same jargon 

What does TCO mean to you ? Total Cost of Ownership, Very Expensive Tool or Test Concept Obligation ? Is it the same as your ROI ?

Depending on your profession, your market sector or simply your knowledge, you will not have the same interpretation.

Yes, using jargon when integrating your ERP can lead to many misunderstandings.


Mistake n°3 : Ignoring change management

As with any project, integrating a new ERP requires the involvement of all your employees. And not just from the CIO to the CEO.

CEREALOG’s advice : don’t neglect change management so as not to leave any of your users on the side of the road and not to commit to additional developments.


Mistake n°2 : overselling the project internally

ERP is an excellent solution for sharing your information in real time and integrating new processes… But it is not magic.

So don’t try to make your users believe that Santa Claus exists and that the new tool will solve all their problems !


And number 1… Drum roll…


Mistake n°1 : Neglecting data recovery

In order not to give you cold sweats and extend the planning by several weeks… the key word is anticipation.

CEREALOG advises you to prepare your data recovery as soon as possible ! Start with some samples.

Do you agree with this Top#5 ? If you want to discuss it or just be well accompanied, it’s here 👇