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Interview with Sébastien MOREAU, SITMOD tool referent, ALSTOM

AlstomHello, what is your role within ALSTOM Transport ?

I work in Alstom’s modification unit. When a modification is requested on a tramway or TGV trainset, this request goes through our unit. It may involve different professions (engineering, production, purchasing, etc.)

I am the referent for the process management tool, SITMOD, the software that CEREALOG has developed for ALSTOM.


Alstom requested CEREALOG in 2012, what was the initial need ?

We did not have an existing tool to manage change requests. We were using Excel files. We did not have a database to gather the data.


Following this observation, the SITMOD software was created by CEREALOG in collaboration with your teams. What are the benefits of this software ?

300 users regularly connect to this software. The data is now centralised.

We have saved a lot of time. Specifically, we have saved 35% of time to make a modification. It used to take 245 days, but now it takes 160 days. The objective is to reduce this time by half, i.e. 120 days.

The SITMOD software has simplified the change management process so that the people involved can focus on their job.

We also reduce the risk of error and the financial costs.


Why did you choose CEREALOG rather than a major national player ?

CEREALOG is a company based in La Rochelle. We have a close relationship with them and a real reactivity in the requests. Changes are quicker to implement.

The cost of the service was also lower.


You know us well, what do you appreciate about CEREALOG ?

A young, dynamic and reactive team.

The people we work with understand and analyse the situation quickly.


What are your projects with CEREALOG ?

We are planning a new version of SITMOD, more ergonomic and with new internal processes.

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