AXA MILLESIMES customer testimonial

Interview with Danielle PAILLARDON, Head of IT and Telecom Systems

axa millesimesHello, can you tell us about your position at AXA Millésimes ?

I am responsible for the smooth running of the company’s IT and telecom systems. I implement and maintain operational information systems with the help of service providers, including CEREALOG.


Why did you choose CEREALOG to manage your IT infrastructures ?

First of all for the systems and networks skills of the teams. In particular, the AS400 competence and the CEREALOG & IBM partnership. Few professionals in the Bordeaux region know this technology so well. This is essential for us who have two AS400s.

Then the service provided. I want the end user to be impacted as little as possible by the change. With CEREALOG, everything is under control. Grégory, the technical manager, makes mock-ups to carry out all the tests before the actual implementation. We work with less pressure.

The kindness, CEREALOG has a team of collaborators who are really at the service of the customer and reactive.

Then, responsive to the customer. When I call with a problem, important or not, my calls are always treated with the same rigour.

Listening, CEREALOG is in an advisory role. With Jean-Charles, our sales contact, we know how to talk and listen to each other. We have a real relationship of trust. “We don’t try to sell me a Ferrari, if I need a C4”.


CEREALOG helped you to set up your Business Continuity Plan. What was your problem ?

Our problem was simple : to recover our data immediately after a disaster.

We could not replicate the data on our headquarters in Pauillac, the network coverage was not sufficient.

CEREALOG proposed the implementation of a disaster recovery plan with data hosting in its datacenter located in Bordeaux.


What are the projects with CEREALOG ?

On the judicious advice of CEREALOG, we have just set up a very powerful anti-spam and anti-virus.

For 2017, we will further strengthen security and update our servers to the new Windows Server 2016 version.

I wish to continue to work with CEREALOG, which I am very satisfied with, and I will not hesitate to recommend this team to other companies.

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