Interview with François RANGER, IT and Telecom Systems Manager

Hello, Mr. RANGER, what is your function within SPECIALES GILLARDEAU ?

I am RSI as we commonly say. I provide user support for the computer and telephone environments. Historically, I developed the commercial management software still in place.

How did your collaboration with CEREALOG start ?

The collaboration with CEREALOG started a little more than 2 years ago, we were looking for a new IT provider more efficient and more trained. The management had relations with other entrepreneurs who were already customers of CEREALOG and who were satisfied with the services.

What are the services provided by CEREALOG ?

CEREALOG brings us advice on the solutions adapted to our infrastructure. More in detail, the technicians intervene on site or in tele-assistance. They are in charge of the server maintenance, the management of the backup, and the firewall. They have also just standardized the new computer park.

CEREALOG has advised you to virtualize the existing server. What were the benefits for you ?

From now on, each virtual server has an independent role. We have a TSE server, a SQL server, a data server and a backup server. We run less risk in case of hardware failure. We can more easily move the system to a new machine.

With these two years of hindsight, what do you appreciate about CEREALOG ?

The qualification of the technicians makes the difference. They are well trained and efficient. It is a technical team that works methodically and in a concerted manner. The sales department is dynamic. Today we have solutions that work and for which we are satisfied.

What are your projects with CEREALOG ?

We are planning to move to new premises, and there will be new installations. CEREALOG will have to accompany us in this step.

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