Biotech ERP : which ERP to choose for the development of my business ?

Biotech ERP : which ERP to choose for the development of my business ?

Since the 1980s, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has made life easier for company directors and employees. These IT tools centralise all company data on a single medium and enable them to manage all their tasks (stock management, HR management, accounting management, etc.) internally.

Biotech companies have specific needs that the ERP software must be able to meet. Faced with the many ERP choices available on the market, it is important to know how to choose the right pharma ERP. Follow our advice !


What are the needs of biotech companies ?

To know how to choose a biotech ERP software, it is essential to list the needs specific to your activity. This practical and cost-effective solution (there is no need to pay for IT infrastructure when opting for a Cloud ERP) must meet various criteria in order to adapt to the needs of the pharmaceutical company.

Biotech companies often have to grow and change constantly. It is therefore essential that their pharma ERP is a flexible and scalable software to support their changes over time.

A biotech ERP tool must also be able to integrate a wide range of businesses and offer integrated solutions in the areas of purchasing, inventory, sales and finance.

The software must also be able to manage several subsidiaries, including international ones if necessary. Finally, the cost should be within a limited budget, especially if you are in a product launch phase.


What steps should be taken to find pharma ERP software ?

Once the requirements have been defined and listed, biotech companies must draw up precise specifications that will be sent to one or more biotech ERP software integrators and publishers. This document will bring together all the issues and problems that require an integrated tool.

In your selection of integrators, it is recommended that you choose professionals who have knowledge of your business sector and who are used to working in the biotech sector. This is the case of CEREALOG, expert in pharmaceutical ERP.

After studying your specifications and your call for tenders, the integrators and publishers will send you an ERP proposal. Various criteria will then allow you to make your choice.


Selection criteria for your biotech ERP :

When it comes to choosing your software, ask yourself the right questions :

  • Will the tool be able to adapt to your activity ?
  • Is the tool ergonomic and flexible enough ?
  • Does it comply with current regulations ?
  • Is the solution international ?
  • Is innovation at the heart of the software ?
  • Is the budget respected ?
  • Has the software already proven itself in biotech companies ?

Depending on your specific requirements listed in your specifications, use the criteria you feel are essential to select your pharma ERP.


SAP Business ByDesign : a complete pharma ERP

At CEREALOG, we have chosen to work with a reference partner in the field of ERP software publishing. This is SAP, the world’s leading publisher in this field. Ideal to reassure your investors !

This publisher has developed an on-demand solution that is ideal for biotechnology companies. The SAP Business by Design tool has been chosen by many companies in this sector of activity, such as ONXEO.

This SAP cloud solution for subsidiaries and midsize companies stands out for its extraordinary flexibility and rich functionality, which enables it to meet the requirements of every business line, from procurement to finance to human resources. This range of functionality also allows pharmaceutical and biotech companies to continue to find an answer to their problems, even as they evolve and grow.

This regulatory compliant tool is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic design and is offered at an affordable price. Indeed, the costs are predictable and it is possible to subscribe to options on request for customised support.

Finally, the SAP Business ByDesign biotech ERP software can be adapted to your company’s constraints and configuration. The structure of the user interfaces and the business processes can be modified according to the organisation of the individual workstations. This is a real plus for better adaptation of your teams to this global solution.


Expert advice on implementing a pharma ERP :

In an interview, our ERP project manager Claude Bazian gave his expert view on the specifics required for any biotech ERP software. He placed budget compliance among the top criteria to be considered in such an ERP selection.

He also emphasised the importance of good anticipation on the part of companies when it comes to installing an ERP. According to him, for a smooth integration in the best conditions, it is necessary to prepare the teams, from the doctor to the researcher, via the accountants, by presenting them the tool as a support and not as a constraint.

However, Claude Bazian is very clear : an ERP pharma is not a miracle solution, so it should not be oversold. For a successful implementation, the project manager describes the following steps :

  • Definition of the requirements
  • Construction of the solution according to these requirements
  • Implementation of the ERP in the company
  • The software is operational (“go live” phase)
  • User support by the integrator.

When all these steps are followed to the letter, the ERP project can only succeed !


Biotech : why choose an integrator such as CEREALOG ?

With an expertise of more than 25 years in ERP solutions and an important experience in the biotechnology sector, CEREALOG is an interesting choice of integrator in the pharmaceutical world.

Thanks to a strong partnership with our editor SAP, we carry out our mission as close as possible to the needs of companies. We are committed to offering a flexible solution that can be adapted to the evolution of the companies that call on us : a real plus for small and medium-sized biotech companies that need to grow.

Our qualified teams, often from your business, are trained to ensure a rapid integration that meets your expectations, as well as a user support service after the integration.

Choosing the right biotech ERP software means taking all these criteria into account and choosing reliability and comfort for a professional activity facilitated at all levels.