CEREALOG sponsors a beehive

CEREALOG sponsors a beehive !

cerealog parraine une rucheThe bee has been declared “The most important thing in the world” by the Earthwatch Institute at the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society in London.

According to The Science Time, 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on our precious bees, because we all know that without them, flora and fauna would gradually disappear.  And despite all this important information, on 30 September, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service declared the bee an “endangered species” in the United States.


Aware of the ecological disaster caused by the disappearance of bees, CEREALOG & SAP are mobilizing !

We contacted the association, un toit pour les abeilles, which offers companies and individuals the opportunity to sponsor the bees’ work tool, their hive. As a thank you, the bees offer their sponsor the fruit of their labour, a part of their honey 🙂

It’s decided ! We are giving our financial support to Claude POIROT, beekeeper in Charente-Maritime, by sponsoring one of his hives.


The Périgny apiary :

ruchers CEREALOGOur hive is located in the Périgny business park. One might think that bees are less healthy in an urban or industrial environment than in the countryside, but this is not the case. Colonies are often much less weakened than in the countryside where the abusive use of pesticides weakens them enormously.

As the La Rochelle Urban Community has begun a process of eliminating pesticides from the maintenance of green spaces, the bees should like the place.



News from our beekeeper, Claude :

Hello to our dear godmothers and godfathers,

A big thank you for your support first of all.

Here’s a little word from this 2019 season.

The capricious weather this year has made life difficult for beekeepers, but especially for the bees.

One hot day, one cold day, then the heat wave, you will understand that the harvests will not be abundant depending on the sector.

We were very happy to welcome a large number of sponsors at the end of July.

It was a good moment of sharing and an opportunity for us to discover our profession.

In spite of all the hazards, the bees still worked well at our place.

The honey is already in jars… All they are waiting for is the labels and the boxes to reach your table !

At the national level, reports from the field show a drop of 30 to 70% in the honey harvest.

Chestnut flowers, like many others, have burnt out…

Production at national level will be around 10,000 tonnes, whereas consumption at national level is 40,000 tonnes.

I would like to draw your attention to the origin of the honeys you buy.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of 30,000 tonnes of honey in France.

We really need to push for a ban on the use of pesticides, as this is not good for bees, birds or humans…

I wish you all in advance a very happy holiday !



We will regularly give you news about our hive, the bees and our beekeeper Claude. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to sponsor a hive yourself 🐝 Un toit pour les abeilles – Parrainez une ruche – Sauvez les abeilles