In 2021, cyber activity has not waned. Far from it !

In 2021, cyber activity has not waned. Far from it !

Information systems security, the report :

In 2021, the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) counted more than 1,000 intrusions into the information systems of French companies, an increase of about 40% compared to 2020.

The main types of attacks: phishing (24%); malware (20%); ransomware (16%); and presidential fraud (6%) according to the 2019 report.

To read the 2021 report, click here.

Many SMEs are still under-equipped with solutions to prevent and mitigate such risks.

4 out of 10 SMEs (42%) have already suffered one or more attacks or attempted attacks.


Prevention tools exist :

However, many prevention tools exist but are insufficiently used:

  • The implementation of good IT practices : It is important to always have an operating system (workstation and server) that is kept up to date to avoid security breaches.
  • Raising users’ awareness of cyber issues, such as opening attachments from unknown senders, etc.
  • External backup of data, which in the event of a targeted attack will reduce the risk of deleting backups.
  • The installation of physical solutions such as firewalls on the local network to block certain computer attacks.
  • The installation of antivirus software to remove potential viruses infecting the system before the network is contaminated.
  • The implementation of EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) allowing, in addition to the action of the antivirus, the detection of deviant terminal behaviour, alerting the system administrator and allowing complete traceability of the attack.


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