Our customer DISTRI CASH virtualizes its serves

The leader of the tyre distribution DISTRI CASH virtualizes with CEREALOG

– The French champion of tyre distribution to professionals has entrusted CEREALOG with its project to change its IT infrastructure in order to reinforce its efficiency and security


The System & Networks team of the La Rochelle agency is in charge of this project, which started with the virtualisation of the client’s servers.

The entire team is certified in VMWARE virtualisation products, the world’s leading publisher in this field.

Why did DISTRI CASH choose virtualisation ?

Server virtualisation allows several virtual servers to run on one physical server. The power of this machine is then distributed on demand between different server “images”. The various applications installed on these virtual servers become moveable and easy to back up. Adding new users becomes a simple matter of adjusting the power.

DISTRI CASH saves money in the present, adopting virtualisation allows it to instantly reduce its investment in IT infrastructure. This allows it to consider its growth scenarios with complete peace of mind.



With a staff of 200 people , DISTRI CASH is one of the leaders in the professional tyre market.

It is the leading French wholesaler of motorbike and scooter tyres and the second largest in passenger car, van and 4×4 tyres.

A family business based in La Rochelle, it serves more than 7000 customers.