SAP Business ByDesign – What’s New 2102

SAP Business ByDesign – What’s New in Release 2102

SAP Business ByDesign 2102

SAP Business ByDesign version 2102 is now available. This article gives you an overview of the most important new features of SAP Business ByDesign 2102.


Cross Topics :

  • Microsoft Teams® for SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign users will be able to easily access features (e.g. opportunities or account lists) of the SAP Business ByDesign system directly from Microsoft Teams and collaborate more easily with colleagues.

Note : The application is not yet available in the MS Teams shop. In test with a few customers. Planned for release to all in 2105.


  • Intelligent Mobile Expense Scanning

With this new version, users can take a picture of a receipt, which will be converted into an expense report.

Nb : In test with some customers. Planned for all for version 2105.


  • End of session and unlocking of documents

The key user can now view logged in users with one or more sessions and terminate a session, if necessary



  • Insight-to-Action : create target groups for customers from any report.

Marketing, sales and service employees can now create actions directly from a report.


  • Manage the GTIN number in the kit and this number can be propagated in the sales documents.

The customer in the over-the-counter (OTC) scenario can now use a GTIN / UPC (Global Trade Item Number) for the header product in the kit, as they should be charged for the overall kit and scan this UPC rather than the individual products.


Financial Management :

  • Lease Management

With the new release, lease accounting capabilities have been enhanced. For example, closed leases can be reopened if the right to use the asset has not yet been withdrawn.


  • WebService for bank statements

New features allow partners and customers to upload bank statements en masse using the ManageBankStatementIn web service.

  • For the US : updated fee statement form (1099-NEC)
  • For Israel : Legal forms available in Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement Structure
  • For Spain : electronic VAT transmission available
  • For Spain : SEPA payment format available
  • For UK Brexit : new combination of tax codes available (new tax code)
  • For Italy : fee declaration available


Human Resources :

  • Time entry possible from service orders.

When an employee makes a service confirmation on a service order, the hours consumed in the service confirmation are automatically reflected in the employee’s timesheet.


Supply Chain Management :

  • Modification of quantities on current production orders.

It is now possible to adjust production schedules, e.g. due to a changed demand or supply situation or to reflect situations of overload or unavailability of resources. These changes will be reflected in the MRP.


Supplier Relationship Management :

  • Automatic calculation of a delivery date directly in the purchase order.

Buyers can now indicate the number of days required for delivery in the purchase order.

  • Enhancements to Intelligent Scanning of Supplier Invoices


To see all the new features of SAP Business ByDesign in 2102, please see the What’s New document.

See you in May for the next new features 😉