The RUBI exhibition

Discover the RUBI exhibition, currently on show at the Musée Maritime de La Rochelle

From 26 November 2022 to 26 February 2023, the Musée Maritime de La Rochelle is hosting the exhibition RUBI, Bernard Rubinstein.

Exposition RUBI

Dedicated to a leading figure in sailing, ocean racing, the press and maritime culture, this exhibition is the fruit of a joint initiative by the Musée national de la Marine and the City of La Rochelle, on the initiative of the Association Amis de Bernard Rubinstein.

With photos, videos, texts and documents shedding light on the life of an original and engaging man, as adventurous as he was cultured, and with models and objects from a unique collection devoted mainly to lighthouses and assembled with passion and patience over a lifetime, the RUBI exhibition aims to show the general public the work of a witness to and player in the yachting revolution of the last fifty years.

Thanks to the support of committed partners -Fondation Bénéteau, Groupe Bénéteau, Agence Effets Mer, Chantier Fountaine-Pajot, CEREALOG SAP, Crédit Mutuel, Musée maritime de La Rochelle, Musée de la Marine, Ville de La Rochelle, Fondation Sodebo, Soromap and TBS- the RUBI exhibition opened its doors to the general public on 26 November 2022.

The exhibition RUBI, Bernard Rubinstein, Itinerary of a Sailor, Journalist and Collector turns the spotlight on a player and witness to the revolution in French yachting, a storyteller and storyteller, and a lover of maritime culture and traditions. Designed by scenographer Pierre Verger, the exhibition is structured as a triptych that sheds light on Rubi’s life and passions.