To offer a tree!

CEREALOG offers a tree to its customers

In 2 days, Christmas!

We can’t wait to be there, after the special year we just spent. Looking forward to meeting a few of us to take a few days to relax. Can’t wait to discover some gifts that will warm our hearts. And it is probably the same for you.

So we had this idea: if for this special Christmas, we offered our customers a tree!

carte cadeau envoyée à nos clients

An original and lasting gift that reflects our commitment to the planet. We believe that this is a concrete way to involve our customers in a committed action, on the occasion of the holiday season.

Thanks to Ecotree, a startup which contributes to the rehabilitation of French forests and watches over the biodiversity of these ecosystems, for this great idea!

Thank you to our partner SAP for following us, without hesitation, by co-financing this operation.

Because nature is full of promise.
Roll on 2021!