ERP expertise at the service of ESNs

ERP expertise at the service of ESNs :

CEREALOG, Gold SAP partner, integrates the SAP Business ByDesign Cloud solution within several ESNs.

As an expert in ERP project support, particularly in the deployment of SAP Business ByDesign, CEREALOG has made it a speciality to provide a personalised service to other NSEs.


“Each company has its own processes. However, from one ESN to another, we belong to the same family of professions. This makes it easier to understand each other’s problems, while allowing us to take our relationship further in a tailor-made approach ». Explains Christophe Levrat, Project Director at CEREALOG.


For more than 25 years, the La Rochelle-based integrator, which also has offices in Bordeaux and Paris, has been deploying a team of some fifty ERP consultants responsible for both functional support and technical development. Over the years, CEREALOG has acquired in-depth knowledge of the SAP Business ByDesign tool, which it adapts to the specific needs of ESNs.


“This development occurred naturally through word-of-mouth”, explains Christophe Levrat. “As we gain experience, we capitalise on the memory of the tools as well as the memory of the files thanks to a documentary base made up of information from the field. This database is precise and well supplied, and also guarantees our responsiveness,” continues the project manager.

Test platform :

In the pre-sales phase, in order to meet the expectations of its customers as closely as possible, CEREALOG offers to carry out mini-scenarios common to each ESN with a set of data specific to the company on a test platform. This simulation approach allows CEREALOG to present, a few weeks later, a demonstration of the value it can get from SAP Business ByDesign.

Once the project has been adopted, Christophe Levrat and his teams meet every week with the general and financial management of the ESNs they support. The aim is to discuss events and new requirements, to explore the new functionalities offered by the quarterly updates of SAP’s Cloud ERP and, if necessary, to adapt them to the formats desired by the client.

Data security :

SAP Business ByDesign guarantees full traceability of data, and there is no risk of loss.

“SAP has its own redundancy measures in their datacenter. The fact that the ERP directly integrates analytical functionalities, such as real-time business intelligence (BI), guarantees the origin of the data, avoids double entries and the errors that can be associated with them, and makes the processes more fluid,” Christophe Levrat continues.

The project director, who himself comes from a digital services company where he worked for 19 years, regularly integrates new experienced collaborators in order to enrich the business culture of CEREALOG.

In addition, in order to offer more services, the integrator also proposes to its customers a preventive and corrective maintenance à la carte. This is a way for CEREALOG to continue to progress on the path of understanding the specific needs of each NSE.

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