LIBAUD Group customer Interview

logo client libaudInterview with Xavier Favreau, IT Manager

Hello Mr Favreau, what is your role within the LIBAUD group ?

I am the IT manager. I manage the maintenance of the IT and telecom equipment, I administer the network, and I am involved in the implementation of our new ERP. On a daily basis, I also provide assistance to users.


What are the services that CEREALOG brings to you ?

The CEREALOG team of La Rochelle intervenes in level 3 on the servers mainly, via a credit of hours that I renew according to my needs. Moreover, CEREALOG provides me with computer equipment on a regular basis (computers, screens, firewall, UPS…)


What do you appreciate about CEREALOG ?

The proximity ! Geographically, of course, but also with the people. My technical or commercial contact is easily reachable and reactive. I have confidence in the team. The projects that have been implemented have gone well.


What are the last projects realized with CEREALOG ?

The supply and implementation of a new server infrastructure, in particular for compatibility with the new ERP.  CEREALOG advised me to keep the old infrastructure in order to carry out a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). It is now in another building, backups and replications are done every night.

Recently, we deployed Microsoft Office 365 licences on the workstations of 150 employees. We now have an Office suite that is always up to date. And also Exchange Online, the collaborative professional messaging system with shared calendars, for example. All this is available via a monthly subscription.


And what about future projects ?

First of all, to further strengthen the security of the system, and we will be studying ways of improving it together. Also, in the longer term, we are thinking about installing a Wi-Fi network in our depots, so that the technical teams are equipped with mobile terminals.

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About : The LIBAUD Group has been a family business since 1945, specialising in the manufacture of prefabricated concrete and the trading of materials for public works.

  • 4 plants
  • 22 agencies
  • 300 employees
  • TURNOVER : 90 M€

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