Cloud & ERP: a winning duo !

Cloud & ERP : a winning duo :

Free up your energies, control costs, and get the best of ERP without the technical constraints : that’s the promise of Cloud ERP. By relying on the flexibility of the Cloud and the power of an SAP ERP, gain in efficiency !

The migration of business solutions to the cloud is a natural consequence of the strong adoption of the cloud in companies.

According to the CITO Research study for Commvault published earlier this year, 93%[1] of companies have already adopted the cloud. This is confirmed by a report entitled SolarWinds ITTrends Report 2017[2], which reveals that 95% of IT professionals surveyed said that some of their infrastructure and activities had been moved to the cloud in the previous 12 months.

It is not surprising that ERP players have been positioning themselves around Cloud offerings for several years. SAP launched SAP ByDesign in 2007, a pioneering approach that has now proved its relevance.


Benefits at all levels :

Combining the power of an ERP with the adaptability and flexibility of the Cloud creates a duo that is built for success, with a promise of rapid profitability. Cloud ERP requires no installation on company servers, which significantly reduces deployment costs and time. Less time, less handling, less human resources and more time for higher value-added tasks.


“The cloud changes the dynamics of the ERP project, as there is no longer a wait for the servers to be ready or for training to begin. On average, projects are operational between 4 and 8 months after the decision”.  Says Jérôme Burgaud.


The other advantage of deploying an ERP system in the Cloud is that you can control your investment. The Cloud saves you the purchase of servers or specific workstations, which has an immediate impact on the cost of ownership of the ERP.

But that’s not all. When the management software evolves, when it is enriched with various functionalities, you have all the updates systematically and in real time, which guarantees not only cost reductions in relation to the management of updates or licences, but also optimal efficiency for your teams.

With an ERP in the Cloud, SMEs can thus have management solutions that are as powerful and efficient as those of large companies.


ERP & Cloud : essential selection criteria :

The main criterion to observe is flexibility. The deployment of a Cloud ERP must first and foremost contribute to optimising the productivity of employees. The solution must therefore be perfectly adapted to your business processes. This is where consulting companies or integrators such as CEREALOG come in, whose project managers are mobilised alongside the company and its employees upstream of the project to support the choice, deployment, adoption and ultimately the training of teams in new tools and uses.

In this context, the choice of ERP cannot be dissociated from the choice of the integrator, who must not only understand your needs but also have an unfailing knowledge of the ERP itself. The various awards given by SAP to CEREALOG (Best ERP Cloud Partner EMEA North in 2017, Best in ByDesign France in 2017, Best SAP Business One Growth, Recognized Expertise SAP Business ByDesign in 2018…), demonstrate the expertise of the integrator.

CEREALOG has been integrating SAP ByDesign Cloud ERP since 2011. Years of rich experience with this tried and tested SAP Cloud solution guarantee the company a quick success of its Cloud ERP project.

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