[Press] Interview with our client VALANTUR

LeMagIT dedicates an article to the feedback of our customer VALANTUR

ARTICLE : Valantur combines Cloud and productivity gains


To homogenise the software solutions of the companies it has acquired over the years, the equipment manufacturer Valantur has opted for an ERP in the SAP cloud. The result was a smaller IT team, access to all data at all times and from anywhere, and greater fluidity.

Four years ago, he decided to install an identical solution for all sites and opted for a cloud-based solution. His choice was Business ByDesign, SAP’s SaaS software suite for small and medium-sized businesses.

The choice of a cloud-based solution was an obvious one. “Our IT team is limited to… two people. An IT specialist, who mainly does data analysis, and me ! If we had to manage an ERP system internally, we would have to employ four or five people,” says Emmanuel Couraud.

Valantur chose SAP’s cloud solution for the availability and integration of modules, and for the publisher’s European nationality.


Valantur worked with the integrator CEREALG for the implementation, configuration and progressive deployment of the solution.

Most recently, the solution was configured and deployed for the Tunisian subsidiary in 3 months. “And if we buy a new company tomorrow, it will be easy to integrate it.


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