Press: L’Usine Nouvelle interviews CEREALOG

Integrate a SAP Cloud ERP with CEREALOG to move forward quickly

Jérôme Burgaud, director of CEREALOG, answered the questions of L’Usine Nouvelle about the SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP.

“The SAP brand is well known, but this is less the case for its cloud ERP SAP Business ByDesign, which is nevertheless a brilliant product designed for mid-market SMEs, says Jérôme Burgaud, co-founder and manager of CEREALOG.

The La Rochelle-based integrator, which specialises in the deployment of network infrastructures, specific development and integration of SAP software solutions, has indeed played the card of this ERP in SaaS mode since its release in France in 2010, believing that “the world’s largest publisher of management solutions has a genuine approach to SMEs and offers them a tool that is entirely designed to operate in the cloud”.



Jérôme Burgaud competed in the America’s Cup as head of the IT department, and he steers the company like a high-speed competition ship. In La Rochelle, Bordeaux or Paris, his human-sized teams are very concerned with the application of sporting concepts such as those of understanding, solidarity and tenacity in the exercise of their profession.

“Companies come to us because they know that we will work in project mode to deliver “hand-sewn” projects on time. They appreciate our dual skills, both functional and technical consultants, to help them find innovative solutions that meet their needs. Our expert consultants, who participate in the pre-sales phase, are then involved in each project to ensure that the promise is kept during the implementation phase !”



“Today the cloud, through the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign, represents about two thirds of the revenues of our ERP activities. This technology offers many advantages in terms of deployment and operation for small and medium-sized businesses. With an ERP in the cloud, they no longer have to bother with hardware infrastructures. In addition, by working with a datacenter at the level of SAP’s, they gain access to levels of security that they would find difficult to reproduce on their own. In addition, the cloud brings dynamism in the implementation, then flexibility and scalability superior to an On Premise solution. Finally, they have access to high value-added functions (in business intelligence, reporting, predictive, etc.) accessible at SME prices, which will enable them to differentiate themselves.

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