SAP ByDesign customer : METANEXT testifies

SAP ByDesign customer : METANEXT testifies

The cloud ERP that believed in 2012 ? Our client METANEXT did ! Discover a rare testimonial on 6 years of using SAP Business ByDesign.

The testimonies of our customers are important and precious. The CEREALOG team would like to thank its customer METANEXT for this testimony and for the trust it has shown since the beginning.

By choosing SAP ByDesign in 2012, Metanext has played a winning game. Not only has the solution supported its strong growth, but it also meets its expectations more than ever after it tripled its number of employees.

“In addition to accounting, the solution had to be able to offer project profitability measurement and financial management integrated with project management,” explains Tristan Monroe, co-founder and president of the company.

“However, we didn’t know if this existed yet. In addition, we chose to use a SaaS-based solution so we wouldn’t have to manage hardware infrastructure that our 50-person SME budget couldn’t afford.”

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