SAP & CEREALOG: more than a partnership, a duo !

SAP & CEREALOG : more than a partnership, a duo !

CEREALOG has been a Gold SAP partner for 10 years. 10 years of partnership at the highest level which testify, on both sides, of a set of common values and methods to the concretization of ERP projects of the final customers. Stéphane Vaché, Head of France, SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign and Justine Desardurats, Partner Business Manager – Mid-market France for SAP, discuss the benefits of this partnership.

Ten years of working together in confidence and proximity, that creates bonds !

partenaire SAP“In the mid-market segment, CEREALOG is one of only three partners that offer both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign solutions, says Stéphane Vaché, Head of France, SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign.

Since 2008, CEREALOG has been a Gold Partner. This commitment has been recognised by various awards (Gold SAP Quality Awards European level in 2014, Best SAP Business ByDesign EMEA North Partner in 2017, Best SAP Business One Growth in 2017, Recognised Expertise on SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP in 2018…).

“It is because we share a positioning, values and deep commitments, that this partnership between SAP and CEREALOG is constantly renewed in a climate of mutual trust,” observes Stéphane Vaché. Commitment, trust, excellence, innovation, Customer first, all essential values completed by a state of mind:What we particularly appreciate with CEREALOG is its ability not to launch into a project if the solution is not 100% adapted to the end customer’s needs. The user’s benefit always comes first. This approach of consulting for the satisfaction and quality of the service is the essence of our partnership.”


Knowing each other better to act better :

The longevity of a partnership makes it possible to create automatisms that guarantee success for the end customers.

“We have put in place an appropriate system with different levels of contacts in order to maintain a close relationship and trust between the teams,” explains Justine Desardurats, Partner Business Manager – Mid-market France for SAP. For example, we have established a road map for the development of packages around the CEREALOG brand to ensure specialisation and promotion. The packages are a guarantee for companies that they will have ERP solutions with a fixed scope, costs and deadlines. This is a response to the expectations of SMEs and ETIs.”

These links between SAP and CEREALOG are nurtured by constant exchanges.

“We are in constant contact, says Stéphane Vaché. We share information in both directions. When we develop new functionalities, our partners are informed in advance in order to provide the best possible support to end customers. But a highly technical partner like CEREALOG also contributes to feedback from the field, which is invaluable to us.

Whether informal or more structured exchanges via an online platform to follow up on customer requests, interactions between SAP and CEREALOG are constant. SAP and CEREALOG sales representatives work on a common value proposition to meet the business challenges of SMEs and SMIs. They define and share the territory planning at the beginning of the year, and set weekly meetings to ensure constant alignment on all subjects.


A relationship that is maintained…

Trust is one of the essential values for working with SAP and its customers,” says Justine Desardurats.

Because customer loyalty and support in their digital transformation are priorities for SAP, partnerships are systematically and regularly evaluated.

To make a partnership work, it is first of all necessary to measure the satisfaction of the end customers. We have various indicators for this, such as the resilience rate and satisfaction surveys,” explains Stéphane Vaché. « We also evaluate the commitment of our partners through their attendance at the workshops and training sessions we organise, and their ability to follow and take on board the changes proposed by SAP. »

Constantly challenging partnerships, constantly evaluating the quality of services and interactions with customers… These are all challenges that CEREALOG has been meeting without fail for ten years !

Thanks to Justine & Stéphane for playing the question and answer game !

Justine DESARDURATSJustine DESARDURATS Justine Desardurats, Partner Business Manager – Mid-market SAP France


Stéphane Vaché PhotoStéphane Vaché Photo Stéphane Vaché, Head of France, SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign